Frontline Safety provides Occupational Health and Safety services to a wide range of companies and organisations

The new HSWA includes the following

"The Bill provides that an insurance policy that indemnifies a person against a fine or infringement fee under the Act will be of no effect."

You will not be able to insure your business against fines. Your best and only option is to have a functioning Health and Safety system.

We are now offering cloud (online) based Health and Safety Systems

Our systems are designed to cover all areas of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA). 

We specialise in helping you to become compliant under the HSWA.

There is no software to download, large manuals to fill out or forms to fill out. 

We provide you with everything you need to achieve Health and Safety compliance.

Managaed Health and Safety System outline and fees

Fees for Health and Safety Consultancy Services

Hourly fee for Health and Safety System Clients $80.00 (excluding GST) - Services over and above monthly fee, such as preparing for WSMP Audits.

Hourly fee for non Health and Safety System Clients $100.00 (excluding GST) -  Health and Safety Consultancy, Audits, Gaps Analysis, Drug and Alcohol Policy development and much more

Certified PeopleSafe Partner

Benefits of using Frontline Safety's Consultancy Services

No project is too large or too small.

We can assist you on an informal, one-off basis or work with you on an ongoing arrangement.

In all instances we will be able to advise you before each consultation begins on how long our contracted service will take, ensuring you have 'no surprises'.

We provide a free initial on-site consultation and develope a plan on how to best move your company forward and meet your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Our cloud based (online) (paper based systems also available) Health and Safety system covers:-

  • Setup and customise Health and Safety Software
  • Preparation of documents for Health and Safety system
  • Ongoing monthly support – we become part of your team but at a fraction of the cost
  • Staff Inductions into Health and Safety System (initial and as required for new staff)
  • Software training for person delegated responsibilities for Health and Safety in the business
  • Updates on Health and Safety Act and Regulation changes, best practice or industry guidelines changes – keeping you up to date!
  • Staff competency matrix (client required to rate staff with our assistance)
  • Pre-qualification documents and advice – becoming more popular with companies responding to tenders, large jobs
  • Contractor control procedures (we contact your contractors)
  • Unlimited phone support during normal business hours (out of hours for incidents)
  • Staff (or H&S Committee) meetings where applicable and as required (also available via video conferencing)
  • Establish and maintain PPE register as required
  • Supply of necessary forms – Hazardous Work Forms, Worksafe notification forms
  • Emergency planning and procedures - evacuation, fire drills, natural disasters
  • Health and Safety Policy wall certificate (commitment to Workplace Health and Safety)
  • Site safety signage review and report
  • Review of First Aid Kits 
  • Conducting accident investigations and preparing reports as required, advising on remedial action and controls required
  • Dealing with matters where necessary with WorkSafe New Zealand
  • Our system follows the AS/NZS 4801:2001 Standard and ACC WSMP Audit format
  • We can also assist you in gaining ACC discounts, which could partially offset the cost of our service.

Software Specific Features:-

  • Totally customisable to your organisation by Frontline Safety
  • Updated and monitored by Frontline Safety remotely or onsite
  • Paperless Accident Reporting – via computer, smartphone, tablet – Paper is out!
  • Staff Records – Emergency contacts, Medical Conditions,
  • Records All Your Training
  • Online Learning – Inductions, Height Safety, SOP’s
  • Document Library – Health and Safety Acts, Best practice guidelines
  • Gear Records – Vehicles (WOF, Rego), Harnesses, Extinguishers, machinery
  • Email Alerts – Managers, Supervisors, Frontline Safety when incidents are entered
  • Txt-In Tasks – like risks, injuries, incidents or nice stories
  • One-Click Reports – Great for tracking incident trends
  • Risk and Hazard Registers created and updated – staff can add hazards
  • Secure Cloud Based Access – access from anywhere by staff to record and report
  • Sends out reminders to staff directly that something requires attention – Tasks to complete, training Reminders - Drivers Licence expiring, First Aid Cert due for revalidation etc
  • Provision for staff to scan in when arriving onsite (requires additional equipment) ID cards (charges apply for printing of cards)

Not convinced, have us complete a Gap Analysis and report on your current system

Are you insured against fire?   Most probably!  

What is more likely to occur, your business burns down or an employee breeches the Health and Safety Act?  


Call us today for an obligation free consultation on your Health and Safety obligations  

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